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    Baseline & publish, direct to PDF!

    True document-centric baselines.

    Automated, centrally administered styling.

    Adaptively scaled dynamic content.

    Beautiful output in print or PDF.

    Multi-source docgen, no scripting.

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Better Document Generation™
Publishing documents from IBM® Rational DOORS™ has always been tricky. Achieving professional-grade output is often made impractical by time, budget and resource constraints. But with Author XG from GEBS Unison, things just got a whole lot easier.
Intuitive Authoring
Familiar full-featured word processing, for professional writers and casual authoring alike.
Dynamic Content
Insert pre-built content reports from applications like IBM® Rational DOORS™, without scripting.
Intelligent Templates
Customizable document profile system for industry, domain or organization specific documents.
Configuration Management
Baseline documents, templates and even the dynamic data you inject into published documents.
Plug & play DOORS reporting.

Yes, you are reading correctly. Author XG is the first truly “plug and play” document generation solution for DOORS.

Take a look at the screenshot to the left. These are the only properties you need to extract DOORS views and other reports — everything else is fully automated by Author XG.

Too good to be true? Let’s be clear: plug and play means an end to programmatic document generation; no delving into DOORS data structures to extract content; no querying, iterating, parsing, logic puzzles or endless formatting parameters here.

Better yet, Author XG doesn’t require special attributes or markup in your requirements modules to work. It’s totally transparent. Simply insert the appropriate DOORS report into the flow of your Author XG document to extract views, statistics and much more.

It just works.

Automatic, adaptive styling.

Imagine the “perfect” DOORS document. How does it look? How easy was it to create?

These are the questions we asked ourselves when designing Author XG. From the outset we targeted a golden solution: to combine exceptional ease-of-use with remarkable output quality.

You’ll first notice how your DOORS content scales automatically to fit your document’s page size and orientation. But that’s just the start. Reduce the page size and watch Author XG’s adaptive font sizing in action. Your DOORS view fits, whatever you do, and you don’t have to do anything.

It’s not just clever visuals. Understanding deeply nested structures like those found in DOORS is tricky for readers. That’s why we created breadcrumbs — embedded hyperlink stacks that make Author XG documents exceptionally easy to navigate and your content easier to comprehend.

You can even insert a table of contents for your DOORS view without affecting your document’s global section, heading or page numbering. That’s because in Author XG, dynamic reports maintain their own internally consistent heading and numbering structures.

Did we mention it looks great too? It’s what we call the perfect DOORS document.

Image showing sample PDF output
Image showing less user-friendly document generation tool.
User-friendly, like never before.

Traditional document generation tools focus on providing a capability rather than a practical solution.

Think about it. We all instinctively know how a “good” document should look and feel. But how many of us possess the rare blend of skills to translate this intangible aesthetic into data queries, processing logic and formatting instructions?

Author XG takes a different approach: under the hood, it uses a “long-document metamodel” — a consistent document-oriented context into which dynamic content from your tools is injected.

This breakthrough is completely transparent to document authors. Now, instead of re-inventing the wheel, they can rely on Author XG to take care of formatting, numbering, document navigation, typography, page layout (we could go on…!)

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