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    Author XG

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    Author XG

    Better document generation™

    Familiar & intuitive word processor-like interface.

    Fully automated reporting from IBM® Rational DOORS™, Rhapsody™ & others.

    Professional output by default, without scripting.

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    Combine dynamic content from multiple tools.
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    Baseline & publish documents, direct to PDF.

    True document-centric baselines.

    Automated, centrally administered styling.

    Adaptive scaling for dynamic content.

    Beautiful output in print or PDF.

    Multi-source docgen, no scripting.

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Better Document Generation™
Author XG is the world’s first hybrid word processing and document generation platform, purpose-built for systems engineers, document controllers, configuration managers and writers of every kind.
Intuitive Authoring
Familiar full-featured word processing, for professional writers and casual authoring alike.
Dynamic Content
Insert pre-built content reports from applications like IBM® Rational DOORS™, without scripting.
Intelligent Templates
Customizable document profile system for industry, domain or organization specific documents.
Configuration Management
Baseline documents, templates and even the dynamic data you inject into published documents.
Dynamic authoring, simplified.

Creating professional systems and software documentation with Author XG is easy – anyone familiar with Microsoft Word will feel instantly at home.

But unlike regular word processors, Author XG can inject dynamic content from other applications and data sources directly into the flow of your document.

Whether it’s an image from the Internet or a complex traceability view from an IBM® Rational DOORS™ module, with Author XG it’s a snap to author, control, publish and manage documents.

Tell me more about Author XG & DOORS

Beautiful, by default.

A truly out-of-the-box experience, we built design know-how right into Author XG so that you can author and publish professionally styled documents right from the get-go.

Fully customizable and centrally controlled – with Author XG, no document can deviate from the house style.

Image showing beautiful output from Author XG
Image showing the administrator interface for Author XG
Templates, step aside.

Author XG uses document profiles to enforce content, styling and metadata rules for particular types of documents in your organization.

Borrowing from the discipline of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), profiles are customizable instances of a document-oriented metamodel, and provide the power that underpins Author XG’s unique capabilities.

Image showing CM control with Author XG
Built for configuration management.

Baseline documents, document templates – even the dynamic data that is injected into published documents.

Whether your concern is traceability, compliance or assurance, you can be sure that Author XG has you covered.

Various print materials with more information about Author XG.

Data Sheet

The Author XG data sheet.


Key Features

A summary wallchart of Author XG.


Administrator UI

A wallchart of Author XG's admin console.


Static & Dynamic Content

Output samples from an Author XG document.


Indexes & Lists

A wallchart of all automated indexes & lists.


Sample Document

A sample document published with Author XG.

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